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2.1.3. Dropdown Headers

Adding a dropdown header (unclickable menu title that could be used to describe this sections) is very similar, add a new link with a URL of # and a Title Attribute of dropdown-header (it matches the Bootstrap CSS class so it’s easy to remember). set the Navigation Label to your header text and the class will do the rest.


2.1.4. Disabled Links

To set a disabled link simply add “disabled” to the Title Attribute and the theme will do the rest.

disabled WordPress menu

2.2 Font Awesome Icons

This theme also supports Font Awesome icons that you can add right before or after each menu item. Here is an example how it would look if you want to add cogs Font Awesome icons inside menu:

fonta wesome icons for sparkling

All Font Awesome icons you can find on their website.

3. Custom Background

Sparkling theme supports WordPress Custom Backgrounds feature.

  1. In WordPress dashboard go to Appearance -> Background.
  2. You can either set the image or solid color as background.
  3. You can see the background preview on the same setting page.
  4. Click Save Changes when you are satisfied with what you see.
  5. You can always reset theme default background.

4. Header Image (Logo Upload)

For custom header image and custom logo upload this theme uses WordPress Custom Header functionality which can be accessed via WordPress dashboard – Appearance – Header. Here is how it works:

  • Upload logo using already familiar WordPress Media Uploader or select image which is already uploaded.
  • Crop it (recommended cropped image size will be displayed in the square but you can feel free to modify it but you might “break” website layout in some cases).
  • Hit Crop and Publish button and you are ready to go.

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